Graphic Arts Papers

Running a commercial printing company, a graphic design or advertising agency or a small office? ASE has a product to get the best from your paper-based communications, to save you time and money, all backed up with a premium service.


CartaPlus ™


CartaPlus ™  COLOR


A wide range of coloured papers, with outstanding uniformity, various types of embossing and coordinated envelopes.

This paper is stiff, extremely soft to the touch and has a natural matt surface, making

CartaPlusTM Color one of the top-quality textbook & cover products.

Substances 90, 115, 140, 200, 250, 320 g/m2
Shades 35 colours available
Finishing Plain, Embossed
Embossing On demand


CartaPlus ™  WHITES


Are distinguished by their excellent sheet formation, absolute whiteness, high level of rigidity, dimensional stability and a particular velvety feel.
CartaPlus WHITES’ technical performance guarantees excellent image contrast and detail and gives superior results at all conversion stages for printed materials.

Substances 80 –to 700 g/m2
Shades White, High White, Ivory
Finishing   Plain, Embossed
Embossing Fine Linen, Classic Linen, Hammer, Leather, Stripe



CartaPlus ™  METALLIC


A vast range of papers with metallised, pearlescent, brilliant, iridescent, and shimmering colours created for your imagination to take flight!

Main applications: luxury packaging, brochures, annual reports, end-papers, greeting cards business cards, calendars, textbook covers, gift wrap, luxury carrier bags.

Substances 120, 250, 290 g/m2
Shades 27 colours available
Finishing Plain, Embossed
Embossing On demand

Felt Marked

CartaPlus ™  NAMIB


CartaPlus Namib has a classic felt texture, reminiscent of handmade paper. It is also an ecological paper, manufactured using ECF pulp.

The special texture of this product makes it suitable for: art reproductions, prestigious publications, brochures, annual reports, folders, menus, covers, greeting cards, business cards and luxury packaging.


CartaPlus ™  KALAHARI


A felt marked paper from ECF pulp, with particularly good stiffness, suitable for letterheads, prestigious publications,brochures, financial reports, menus, luxury packaging, business cards and greeting cards. Differentiated from CartaPlus NAMIB by its surface structure.


Substances 100, 120, 160, 200, 240, 285, 320, 360, 400 g/m2
Shades White, High White, Ivory, Chamois, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, Brown, Purple
Finishing 2 Side



CartaPlus™  SAHARA


SAHARA’s very light felt mark makes it particularly suited to letter-press and multicolour offset printing.

Manufactured with EFC pulp, its main applications include: letterheads, calendars, end-papers, diaries, greeting cards, business cards, boutique carrier bags, labels, tags.

Substances 95, 120, 145, 200, 260, 320 g/m2
Shades White, Ivory, Grey, Blue, Brown, Red, Black
Finishing 2 Side




CartaPlus ™  LAID


CartaPlus LAID is a sturdy, high quality, laid paper with or without watermarks. These features together with 3 available shades and a wide range of substances, make CartaPlus LAID both classical and modern at the same time.

This paper is suitable for most textbook & cover applications and is particularly suited to upmarket corporate designs.

Substances 90,100,110,120 g/m2
Shades High White, Blue, Ivory
Finishing Plain uncoated


Products – Best Sellers


Range of laid papers in light and subtle shades.

Products well-suited to all methods of printing.

A quality solution for everyday print requirements.

Substance 80 -> 700 g/m2
Shade Azure
High White
Finish Laid

Ivory Board (uncoated)

Paper & paperboard manufactured with virgin pulp from responsible sources.
Excellent brightness, uncoated surface with extremely smooth finish, surface sized, good opacity, “feel” and stiffness (folding resistance).

Substance 80 -> 700 g/m2
Shade White
High White
Finish Plain
Embossing Linen, Hammer, Leather
Fine Toile, Cover, Stripe


Paper and paperboard produced from virgin pulp, single layer, stock-tinted, felt-marked on both sides.
Excellent stiffness, bulk and crease resistance, light-fastness and surface sizing.

Substance 120 -> 285 g/m2
Shade Available in over 35 colours
Finish Plain
Embossing Linen, Hammer, Leather
Fine Toile, Cover, Stripe

Felt Marked

Papers and paperboards from virgin fibre, stock-tinted and light, pigmented coating with pearlescent, metallic, iridescent and shimmering effects which change according to the viewed angle. Also available embossed.

Substance 100 -> 400 g/m2
Shade Available in > 20 colours
Finish 5 different patterns available



01 - carta-classic    02 - carta-table V2



03 - carta-dainty    04 - carta-table




05 - carta-dinamic    06 - carta-table




07 - carta-eikon    08 - carta-table




09 - carta-natural     10 - carta-table




11 - carta-supreme     11 - carta-table



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