High security coins offer savings to Central Banks

Despite research and efforts in extending bank note life, Central Banks continue to struggle with the economics of continual replacement. Cost is higher for low denominations, since they are handled more and become damaged or soiled more quickly than higher denominations. Coins offer a lower cost alternative.

Coins had traditionally been used for low currency values but Central Banks are increasingly switching to coins to replace lower denomination bank notes. Sophisticated features are available to increase security in today’s coins including: revolutionary electro-magnetic security features; bi-metallic compositions, alloy plating on steel or zinc and micro security printing etc.

JARDEN addresses the economic challenges of replacing banknotes by introducing new zinc alloys: ZincSecure™. These provide high security with a unique and broad range of alternative electromagnetic signatures (EMS). ZincSecure™ offers a durable, secure option for low-value banknotes and high denomination coins, providing substantial savings to Banks over the expected 25+ year coin life.

Jarden, Tennessee – Company Details

  • Member of Newell Rubbermaid group since 2016 (> 30,000 employees)
  • 2016 Group Net Sales expected:>$16 billion

Leading global supplier of plated coin blanks, zinc strip and other zinc technical protection products

  • Coin blank supplier to > 20 countries
  • Exclusive supplier since 1982 to US Mint for one-cent coin blanks – 300 billion in circulation

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Coinage Substrates:

  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Brasses / Bronzes
  • Other



  • Mono-Ply
  • Bi-Ply
  • Multi-Ply


copper-2    nickel-2

bronze-2    brass-2



Zinc Alloy Base

  • Produced for 45 years
  • Alloy Drives EMS
  • Alternative Signals achievable
  • Non-Magnetic


standard-copper  standard-alloy

nickel-plating  bi-metal