Thanks to our partnership with industry leaders in the sector, the array of products for security application is broad, ranging from base papers for cheques, passports, stamps and security certificates up to banknotes.


  • A worldwide supplier of security paper, suitable for high-end security documents
  • Manufacture and delivery to selected markets in accordance with established trade rules and procedures
  • Project management to coordinate a network of paper mills
  • We believe in long-term business relationships and a transparent business model



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Company Evolution

Ciotola S.r.l. was founded in October 2001 as Polo Paper & Packaging S.r.l., in association with Polo AG, Vienna.

In June 2003, we acquired the shares of Polo AG, changing the name of the company to Ciotola S.r.l.

From the very beginning the company has focused its commercial operations in Italy, the Middle East and Africa with local sales operations in Dubai and Casablanca.

The Security Paper Consortium (Ciotola, SPM, Favini) was formed in 2012 and was made stronger in 2013 by Radece Papir.




The Consortium has manufacturing sites located in Italy, Slovenia and Czech Republic and counts more than 500 employees in sales, marketing and production.

Partners are jointly responsible for quality and delivery having clearly defined obligations.

Ciotola S.r.l. representing customer requirements, is responsible for project management, technical coordination, logistics and administration services.




The consortium’s mission is to supply premium paper for high security documents, with security features built-in at the wet-end, during manufacturing.



  • Fourdrinier or Cylinder Mould paper machine technology. Paper machines for wet-end incorporated security features
  • Post-processing security elements


watermarking_0945-corrPRODUCTION CAPACITY

4x fourdrinier paper machines

  • Deckle: 144cm / 155cm / 200cm / 245cm
  • 100% bleached chemical pulp or up to 50% cotton blend
  • Range of substances without watermark:
    70 g/m2– 350 g/m2
  • Range of substances with watermark:
    70 g/m2– 140 g/m2
  • Total capacity: > 80,000 tonnes per annum


1x cylinder mould paper machine

  • Deckle 240cm
  • Up to 100% cotton linters
  • Range of substances: 60-600 g/m2


4x slitting machines

2x rewinding machines

1x in-house watermark origination: dandy roll and mould cover production


Wet-end incorporated security features
• Random or registered watermarksecurity-thread-img_3268-corrz
• Standard or customised watermark
• Double-tone or multi-tone watermarks
• Chemically sensitised
• Embedded security fibres
• UV printable
• Embedded or windowed security thread
• Positioned planchettes

Post processing security features
• Positioned Iridescent stripes
• Intaglio printing
• Optically Variable Devicesovd-01



Technology Application Specs
Fourdrinier PM CBS1 cheque papers With standard all-over watermark                                80-120 g/m2

With standard all-over watermark – “z coated”         100 g/m2

With customised and/or registered watermarks        80-120 g/m2

Sheets or reels                                                                  70-140 g/m2

Tax and fiscal stamp paper Gummed paper – OBA free                                             90+10 g/m2
Passport end-book paper From 50% cotton / 50% wood bleached pulp in        140 g/m2
Visa stickers Security facestock                                                              70 g/m2
Water-based permanent adhesive                                  20 g/m
Liner                                                                                      85 g/m2
Total                                                                                   175 g/m2
Ballot papers Customised watermarks                                                   80-90 g/m2
Cylinder Mould PM High-end documents Up to 100% cotton blend                                                  60-140 g/m2

With customised watermark, multi-tonal.

With embedded and/or windowed security thread

Passport inner visa page With registered watermark and electrotype                 85 g/m2



Cheque Papers 95 g/m2cheque

  1. Mill watermarks (“Double S” & “Single S”)
  2. Customised watermarks
  3. Cylinder Mould watermark


Security Features:

UV Dull /UV fibres / chemical reactions / positioned planchettes




Passport Papers / Visa pages: guipass-bpassport

  1. Cylinder Mould multi-tone watermark + Electrotype
  2. Fully embedded security thread, 1-4mm wide



Security Features:

>UV Dull / 50% cotton blend / UV fibres / chemical reactions






Visa Stickers                                               175 g/m2


  1. Security facestock paper                       70 g/m2
  2. Water-based permanent adhesive      20 g/m2
  3. Siliconised liner                                       85 g/m2


Security Features:
UV dull / UV fibres / chemical reactions



Tax Stamps (Gummed)                               80 g/m2 tax-stamps

  1. Security facestock paper                       70 g/m2
  2. PVA gum                                                  10 g/m2


Security Features:
Customised watermark / UV dull / UV fibres / chemical reactions


certificate high-school-diploma

Diplomas & Certificates

Security paperboard, 1/side felt-marked
150 g/m2


Security Features:

UV dull / 50% cotton blend / UV fibres / chemical reactions



High-End Documents

  1. Cylinder Mould customised watermarks
  2. Fully embedded security thread, 1 -4mm wide
  3. Iridescent positioned stripes

Security Features:

UV Dull / 50% cotton blend / UV fibres / chemical reactions / Holograms


vouchersFuel Vouchers

  1. Cylinder Mould customised watermark
  2. Windowed security thread, 0,8mm wide


Security Features:
UV Dull / chemical reactions